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European Women’s Lobby position paper on violence against women

The European Women’s Lobby has adopted and published a Position Paper entitled ’Towards a Europe free from all forms of male violence againstwomen’ which comprises the position and recommendations of its membership on the serious issue of male violence against women in the EU. The document gives a strong analysis of male violence against women as the main structural expression of gender inequality and denounces its persistence in the 21st Century as an archaic tolerance for the violation of women’s human rights. The European Women’s Lobby delivers several concrete policy recommendations towards the eradication of all forms of male violenceagainst women, an essential step towards the realisation of a modern European Union.

[Brussels, 21 December 2010]
Download the Position Paper here.


REPLACE FGM is tackling FGM using a psychosocial approach. New research is being undertaken with practicing communities in Bristol (UK) and The Netherlands. The pilot project was launched in April 2010 and will run for one year.
REPLACE FGM combines Participatory Action Research methods with health psychology behavioural change approaches to identify key psychological determinants important for the reduction and elimination of FGM.
The direct benefi ciaries are the children and young women at risk.

The role of women in the history of accounting

Perhaps you will ask me why I will relate in this post to woman with accounting, why I’m giving special importance, and the reason is simple. Women since its inception has been linked to household management, while the man was responsible for hunting or farming, obtaining food.

And until recently, even today, the woman with the main home care, and the administration of family property is linked. Therefore, he has participated in the development of this aspect as improtant in the lives of families. A mismanaged house will be doomed to resource scarcity and hardship.

As society has evolved economically,Outsourced Bookkeeping Manly became more and more complex. To the extent that the recognition and measurement systems entail a need in the homes of income.Sounds like something natural but that change has not been so long.

Accounting has therefore evolved with economic circumstances sociale sy, also changing, and has estaod linked to domestic activity and the management of family resources, and ended by both public and private extending emrpesarial field.

In Spain, an example of domestic accounting is to Sanxa Ximenis Cabrera, whose legacy are some books of accounts dating from 1440.

A key development has been the parallel evolution of accounting and women’s emancipation in the nineteenth century. The most important aspects relating to women and accounting, in this century were:

– Their traditional role in domestic administration, which continued and encouraged during this period, due to religious and moral factors.

– The teaching accounting or accounting courses.

– The publication of works.

– The performance of the profession.

Therefore the administrative and management capacity of women is tested, although the incorporation of women into the professional world has not been easy or quick, despite the many advances, such as accounting programs . Today one could say that the access of women to the profession has not yet been completed, and there are still ways to go.

The social responsibility of the company, Good Business

1. Introduction .

Assume a position of indifference to the growing problems that are affecting humanity ( pollution environmental, violence , social disorder, loss of principles and values ​​, increased depression, delegitimization of the established order and more), will be for the whole world lived worse catastrophe. Are the organizations business, professional, state and educational institutions that must assume a position of leadership in combating these scourges. What we’re concerned, it’s time to rethink the social responsibility of the company in all its dimensions, because to do so, for herself and for the whole society , will take stage to witness our own funeral. They are the parents of family , teachers in schools and colleges, universities, business associations, regional governments, the state , the same church and all those individuals and organizations that somehow affect today in the morning, called to assume leadership position with ethics , morality and responsibility that does not allow to continue building a grim and ominous future.
While much is written about the social responsibility of the company , I dare to say that the issue has focused more on issues of environmental type , development and sustainable production cleaner, which undoubtedly is one of the fronts of great attention for the importance of this to the planet and humanity itself, but should not be the only one. There are other treaties that have the most daring social responsibility positive training components in their communitywork and impact on communities through social works, also recognizing its importance, but they all stay in the romantic part of the case and neglect other aspects that are vital for healthy living and for the benefit of our societies .
The issue of social responsibility in business , has not yet been assimilated with sufficient seriousness it deserves, because his philosophy and how that has been trying tends to be at odds with business interests, which are without question, produce profits, ie that business is a profitable exercise.
It is for this reason that interested in the subject, presented with a series components that make it something interesting for entrepreneurs and production units, as the “SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS A GOOD BUSINESS”, put another way, the actions with social responsibility are not an expense, it is an investment that generates profit and Utilities, in some cases immediately, and other medium and long term.
It is unlikely that a vongbi company assumes a policy of social responsibility if it becomes an expense that goes against their interests and financial statements, as we can not ignore in the language business everything is measured in costs of investment and recovery of the same.
When you acquire awareness that social responsibility is an investment with returns in profits, entrepreneurs and managers assume a positive leadership on the issue, and this is more than likely, it is a reality making social responsibility, one share of profit for the same company.

2. Scope of social responsibility.

The social responsibility of business is a combination of legal, ethical, moral and environmental aspects, and is a voluntary decision, not imposed, although there is some regulations on the issue.

Will guide the efforts of the company only produce results based on theories to produce and sell more with minimal cost regardless of the social impact, over time , the worst deal of the productive sector seeking profitability . The strategy current and expected benefits, with that position, may be tomorrow the reason for its failure.
The social responsibility of business encompasses internal and external aspects, which have been discussed by experts in the field, the first oriented to colleagues or team work , its partners and shareholders, and the latter external to customers , suppliers , family workers, neighborhood and social environment, among these the middle atmosphere .
Before delving more about It should be recalled that the objectives of the current company business, are aimed at achieving greater competitiveness and productivity .
Productivity is defined as the ability to produce and sell more cheaply and with excellent quality , which enables the brand that is touted to stay and grow in the markets to which it belongs, whether domestic or foreign, thus becoming much more competitive.
Productivity and competitiveness are then reason that leads to management decisions make an assessment of cost benefit, the investment made ​​in respect of the profits generated, but unfortunately with a short-term, without measuring consequences of harmful effects investment in the future of the brand or the company itself.
The same dynamics of the market , with its neoliberal tendencies and the great need to keep or survive in a system of complex and unequal relations, where ethics and morality , the concept of justice and other relevant aspects of principles and values ​​have declined in importance, make the concept of social responsibility is neglected, because in their eagerness to grow and stay, play with irregular menses looking to snatch the market at your competition and be more profitable, making any commercial practice is valid, thus affecting or impacting someone or something.
“The end justifies the means “high Machiavellian that prevails today in the direction business, because otherwise, the you run the risk of losing the market.
This thinking validates negative and harmful actions under irresponsible, such as, “If I do I can not create pretexts employment “,” is the only way to be profitable and that provides tax benefits that serve all “,” the objective is to survive at all costs “,”. In today and according to market dynamics corporate exercise, every action is validated, “In the marketing anything goes “,” say the experts. ”
This way of thinking and acting not measure consequences for the future and the impact that can have on the social, human and natural environment, overrides any qualms over the ethical principles and moral, even above the civic, social and even spiritual principles.
Focusing generation “Benefits” (for sale , profitability and others) in the short term, leads to action to entrepreneur coldly without limit in making their decisions, lacks ethical and responsible vision, and including, without considering the negative consequences for their own business, simply because of their how to proceed and scheme to decide.

3. Current problems not socially responsible actions.

It is important to clarify that the problems of inadequate social responsibility is not due generated by a single source, ie, by the company, all elements of a state are equally responsible for their ills: the political soft, inaccurate and irresponsible governments ; permissible and compromisers rulers; the systems of corruption ; little concern and emphasis on the issue by educational institutions; same ignorance or lack of knowledge on the subject by entrepreneurs and actors of the productive and commercial sector; low scruples of many entrepreneurs and people who know the subject and its consequences, act irresponsibly.
In simple words, all elements that are part of the state government and its policies, colleges and universities, employees, parents , media and others that influence patterns of behavior and the culture are equally responsible for the damages caused, either by direct action or omission.
In order to take stock of some of the problems caused by not responsible proceed socially, it seems important to define what I understand under the term ” Environment “.
When speaking of Environment tend to think only in aspects related to resource natural and quality thereof, Earth , water and air , by Therefore it is summed up just to practice green type on topics related to “Sustainable Development” similar “Cleaner Production” and, that is, waste management and waste, establishing actions towards reducing the impact and thus promote savings , waste recycling and re-use in new production practices recyclables.
This is an excellent step in quality of environment in energy issues, climate , air quality, quality of soil , water quality and related, all lending a excellent benefit to be and other species on the planet. But we must not forget that the concept of “Environment” is being as such, the man who not only need good air to breathe, good drinking water and fertile soil and variety of flora and wildlife for food , we need more, something extra that makes part of the quality of the environment.
As a rational animal, aware of its existence and thinking, we need peace, tranquility, security , mental wellbeing and physical The harmony between people, the satisfaction of living, harmony with the rest of the environment, and with this a number of elements that provide motivations of life and sense of transcendence.
The human animal, ie the being became social, requires more elements of quality and harmony with their environment than other animals , for them, not rational thinking or lack of emotions and conscience, so that their relationship with the environment is purely physical – chemical , while the man is moreover, emotional, hence the concept of equilibrium .
The problems we have today are not only those who have already been studied and specified quality and status natural, and including resources to remember:

  • The increasing global warming over the past 160 years and its effects on the planet: The melting and melting icecaps that by 2100 or so, experts say, will cause the seas to rise up to five feet, disappearing entire nations and changing the world map.
  • Increasing producing substances of acid rain and therefore the deterioration of forests and extinction of animal species and vital to the harmony of plant ecosystem .
  • Increasing water pollution and poisoning of plant and animal species, pollution to irrigate crops producing food , the proliferation of disease by this channel and its other consequences that create problems of health published in a high state of alert world.
  • The dryness of the land and infertility of it, the deforestation and reduced vegetation as the sole source of production oxygen and air recovery.
  • The extinction of animal and plant species, with negative consequences for the imbalance in the food chain.
  • Increasing the greenhouse effect and altering the dwell.
  • Reduction of the ozone layer and the dangers by exposure to the direct rays of the sun for both human beings and for all living species.
  • And many other issues right now are governed by rules and awareness, as increased waste and disposal thereof, the production of foods loaded with contaminants and possibly carcinogenic agents that stimulate mutations in living things.

We see that the environmental issue is highly alarming, and that unfortunately has been generated by the low interest in the matter, and the irresponsible action of the global production system, but this is not the only problem that threatens humanity and the company there are others who daily grow and become doom for the future.
“Doing business today is very difficult and risky,” say some employers, “The situation becomes more violent,” “No one to trust “and as such expressions are many reflecting distrust of the current social situation, and does not apply only to a region almost becomes global sentiment.
Reina a state of confusion and disorder that makes business practice is increasingly complex not call difficult, affecting the financial year, not only for the strengthening of security systems personnel , industrial or of goods , also by the growth of absenteeism, for damage to property of others, for returns, by rework, loss of customers, the immorality of some officials of the same state and more aspects that are part of what they call “normal in a business exercise” and that may be measurable in the financial statements of each company.
The current outlook for the company is not encouraging, nothing promotes its activities, threatens the financial stability affects the inner and outer well-being and productivity thus impacting competitiveness.
Among some of the negative events, stands out:

  • The growing violence and conflicts that threaten social public peace, the subject and their property and enterprises, involving more investment in security, fear of investing, and in case of attacks or damage, loss and subsequent replacement of goods.
  • The lack of identity , little sense of belonging to the same region, country and company, and the absent commitment toward improvement plans.
  • The stress and depressive states that generate absenteeism, attrition, conflict, tension and a number of ailments that threaten the organizational environment.
  • Emotional problems, neurosis , social paranoia and other states contributing to the accident, which discourage and influence on the low concentration and low results.

The above among many that we can list, but equally there are other evils that spoil the personal and destabilizes the groups familiar with effects on degrees of attention, layout, input and results in the company and in general to the society. Some:

  • The growing trends towards dependence on the drug , the alcohol and other psychoactive substances that generate internal problems and broken society.
  • Increased industry of kidnapping , rape, robbery and other violent acts that generate fears, anxieties and create a climate of tension and fear.
  • The increase in burglaries, thefts, of embezzlement and other dishonest practices that reduce the motivation to investment, involving more protection costs and by the state to prevent, lessen skills and moods, as distrust grows, states of suspicion and doubt.

Along with other issues above is part of the landscape in which people operate and in which the company is immersed. A scenario criticized but perish unchangeable, the force that eventually acquired, becoming normal everyday life.
It goes without saying that the productivity of individuals is seriously impaired when it is damaged emotionally, and therefore the results of the company, so if the environment in which it is society, and therefore the company is healthy and favorable productivity and competitiveness will be higher, but otherwise, it will manifest in their income, production, marketing and therefore financial.
Among those factors affecting feelings and tranquility of group work, and although apparently are not the direct responsibility of the company, affects the results, and among these:

  • Low unsuitable partner relationships and growth of family conflicts.
  • Increased rates sufferings of anorexia and bulimia in adolescents .
  • Progressive, including child prostitution.
  • High tendencies of homosexuality .
  • Growth gangs.
  • Satanic practices.
  • High infidelity.
  • The growth rates of suicide .
  • Other.

This causes emotional distress and becomes reason for absenteeism, employee attrition, accidents in the exercise of the functions work, apathy, growing conflicts, low motivation for what is done and other events that reduce the concentration ability and willingness to productivity, plus they affect aspects such as total loss of interest in what he does and for life itself, the illusion is over.
To this we can add another quantity of attitudes , behaviors, habits, customs and ways of thinking that are opposed to the good performance of the group of workers and hence the productivity of a company, including:

  • The negativity or pessimism. Reduce the motivation for organizational purposes.
  • Apathy study, continuous improvement and the tendency to simplification.
  • The low willingness to savings and hence the resulting problems caused by mismanagement of revenues , with possible negative consequences get what you want. A financial problem is potentially growing indelicate acts.
  • The low willingness to accept constructive criticism, leading to the generation of negative positions who does it.
  • Sense of identity and belonging, triggering some participatory behaviors, things only last for meeting without giving a more pro-business purposes.
  • Conformity, chicanery, which reduces the ability to contribute as well as personal growth or self improvement.
  • The easiness with a low sense of self-improvement and self learning , hence little ability to contribute to the company.
  • High tendencies to take things frivolously, with much inclination to the festive, giving higher priority to it than the work itself.

Definitely enumerating the number of aspects that are part now of a great bulk of our population labor is an almost endless task, and all this affects the loss of hope in people, low illusion, the unwillingness to do well things, decrease its production capacity and as I have indicated affects productivity, which is reflected in the financial statements of companies.

4. Actions settlement and social responsibility.

Although this work presents starkly negative realities, does not indicate that anything is harmful, but for the purpose of issue of social responsibility, it is prudent to mention such situations, at first glance, appear to be more competition for government , police, parents, the church itself and not the company, apparently.
What is absolutely clear is that whoever is responsible, these issues affect the individual as such, to family groups, society in general, as well as company and is reflected in the results of its financial year.
So they become priority attention from all concerned, and which as previously stated, by act or omission, are responsible and including the company represented in the directors.

5. The liability of the company in the current problems.

Companies are partakers of responsibility in some of these effects, or all, of their policies or lack thereof, for its steering and a series of habits and vices that business away from a responsible action that measure the consequences of their actions. Responsibility or no responsibility, is part of the culture of a company.
This time I will not do to narrow the issues related to pollution of resources, because on this subject plenty of sources bibliographic that help illustrate the scope of the problem.
I am interested on how the effect of the responsibility for social and cultural.
The lack of ethics and morality, is without a doubt the main element of the problem, and as already stated, the pursuit of profits and the desire to produce results at all costs without considering consequences, does not allow the firm (entrepreneurs and managers), to pay due attention the issue of social responsibility.
The public immorality, lack of civility, low scruples of the people, lack of loyalty, cunning, cheating, lack of seriousness, low sense of belonging, mediocrity itself, inadequate human relationships as well as those aspects, many behavioral issues that impact business development and thus its efficiency ., and I can prove that the company has a high responsibility on them
every entrepreneur’s desire is to have an ideal collaborators profile, leaving their community, and this profile requires:

  • Committed people who give the best of yourself and help the growth of the company.
  • People who can work in teams and to focus on the goals of the organization , overcoming selfishness and avoiding conflict towards creating a healthy work environment.
  • Intelligent, creative, proactive and mental agility that can give people solutions , they decide and bring benefits to the process , the system in general and therefore the result.
  • Honorable, honest and upright in which people can be trusted.
  • Helpful people oriented customer and towards total quality.
  • Tolerant, wise and patient people who make their human gala for internal and external relationship qualities.
  • Participatory and cheerful people who put love what they do.
  • Concentrated and prudent people avoid accidents, damages, losses, discord, rework and loss of customers.
  • People can control their negative emotions.
  • People with scruples, nothing violent, without vices and foibles that threaten the integrity of his colleagues, in their family and social life.
  • Disciplined and responsible persons administering time generating good image and to plan towards efficiency.
  • People who plan an impression by its appearance, manners, by the behavior and habits.

In short what is needed are people of quality, integrity and efficient, which in the current social situation seems to be quite a chore or a utopia. I be that there are people with that profile? It is the question that comes out of this description .
The ideal is probable, and may not exist, but for me, but even if so I affirm to do. Ie delivery of the belief that the person is not born polluted, it is society that makes it so, for their family and social environment is creating bindings, behaviors, stimulates habits, pervades belief, develops attitudes and everything Adult them will be reflected.
The formation of the individual begins at home, in your household, and education basic and higher complements and validates, but in working life where the individual reinforces behaviors or beliefs, and even where the staking.
What serves education based on values ​​and good ethical principles, if the person to maintain his position to do things that go against their beliefs? Nothing was achieved teach the person to be straight, if your boss tells you that you have to “Twist”, “Buy”, “Grease” or put another way, give someone an illegal commission to sell or for business . There are many companies that promote “crooked”, ie unscrupulous businesses.
It is no use to teach him not to lie to the person, if the head is the first to tell his colleagues to deny him an apology invent to a client when making a claim.
I’ve seen people with high creative capacity innovation , and by their own abilities study a career related to creativity , design graphic or something similar, and once you are hired, the Chief shielded by the phrase “He who commands – commands” prevents this person make contributions, because their role is to implement the ideas presented who pays, who has power, so the employee is better than yours ” Or do what I command or will “, and this, for taking care of course, ends up being an interpreter of silly ideas and nothing interesting, losing, creative ability.
Often organizational environments or steering system overrides capabilities developed positively human.
I have seen highly accomplished and efficient at the beginning of his career salespeople, and only require more reinforcing this behavior to become professional sellers, but his boss eventually teaches them otherwise, reaches them later leaves them in anything productive meeting time that he craves, they look bad with delivery commitments and ultimately harms them how good they were, even taught to lie and has done cunning.
I have also been Witness newly married people vehemently want to build a nice home, so work hard, but at the same time conscious relationship, and over time things change, because the company does not respect their personal time, takes them off, plus it encourages them appropriate spaces for the negative, liquor and even infidelity.
That is, there are companies where he is not given value to personal skills, comprehensive quality of life (personal, family and social not only what work), to the emotional and cultural generally possible to generate income, more does not add anything positive to the quality of life.
I witnessed in a company, superstore, that on the day of elections forced them to work, without giving employees wishing cover, permission to do so, were denied a fundamental right, and when I told them that it was illegal and they could enforce their rights , they told me that it was better not to, therefore initiate a labor persecution, and had to take care of their positions. The same company encourages apathy by civic duties, and tramples the rights of same. Doing so essentially, what can not be done in the seemingly less important?

What benefits people getting the necessary support for family income if the work environment affects you emotionally? What’s in labor because if you remove your relative position? Can not you thought of that?
Often working conditions develop in higher states of tension, which creates stress and even depression, affecting the welfare and health of the person. The good is not done, the scenario is not constructive, becomes destructive.
It is also common to see some companies abuse authority , backed by the power humiliation, affecting self-esteem , generating resentment and pain.
It leaves a lot to say about the problems we are currently experiencing what I call the antithesis of what we are, because although our country is a democratic state and that’s what we want to teach and maintain, generally within companies as opposed live: We live in a democracy , BUT IN THE COMPANY WILL LIVE A AUTOCRACY. The bosses are the ones who have rights, others only duties.
All people do not respond equally to a stimulus, therefore we must take care of the issue thereof, the environment, how to communicate, how to send and others that are part of the hygiene work if it is expected to create favorable conditions for the welfare of people and improving the climate towards productivity conditions.
But here we see not only acts where corporate responsibility in people, too are in their policies and traditions. Foster, compromise and “Pimpin” pernicious spaces in a negative action.
The famous festivals of integration , for example, never make up for that are always the same with them, and lend to the creation of closed cliques and burleteros, animated by liquor and a series of stimuli that end with intoxicated people, it is a way to destroy people, as they are prone areas for the accident, for lawsuits, that already motivated by the effects of liquor party will continue and spend the money that was required to pay for school children, or for services or some basic need. Even these events encouraged to infidelity and create problems for the partners of employees, and in some cases cause accidents and death .
In a company, the annual festival, there was always a dead usually by accident liquor once after the feast. Managers just said “that bad luck for us.”
Improper form of direct employees, welfare policies that disadvantage behaviors and trample the relationships or family, mobbing by confusing orders and saturation work without providing important health and welfare of the individual, such as many other factors common in some companies generate problems in the individual and affects their families, so they can qualify as shares not responsible for the company.

6. Hazardous Pretextos. Just to think.

As this issue of social responsibility we find a series of dangerous pretexts that are part of today’s culture and eventually accommodate financial interests of some companies or firms, making them feel that they are acting under rules under law or morally . Among these pretexts of our business and social culture we can score some of them:

  • The right to work. Daily growing in cities work informally, with a high social disorder, shielded in the guise of the right to work, but we have not thought about other rights, the right to work with dignity , the right to respect of the free and unimpeded movement of pedestrians and drivers, nor think of duties, the duty to respect the public space. On this subject even see many companies that have made ​​informal sales, traffic lights, sidewalks, buses and other places are not suited for the activity, its main channel sales without labor and social responsibility for those making the sale, evading taxes because in this way is difficult to monitor actual sales, as they say, exploiting people and evading tax responsibilities, but all under the pretext that they are creating jobs, and stimulate such vendors, to fight for the right to work .
  • Space for adults. We see daily, I mean the television , which broadcasters and advertisers wash their hands only putting messages before program “This is a program for adults, suggest that children are accompanied by parents or seniors,” and The irony is that in some cases these programs is in the range called family, or at night, in a civic culture where as the guy from age 5, he goes to bed late, where his parents for the same work tardy. But finally cured in health programming, warned, and so is no longer his problem or sponsor a child needs to stand alone, or the mother or father are occupied. (Only to reflect a little)
  • Freedom of press . In honor of the freedom of the press, the right to be informed, programmers news, comment and other programs make apology for crime , interview the offender and give the necessary deployment, give the scoop of an attack, presenting images of high pain the reflection of violence, acute sadness, heartbreaking drama, thus creating more social paranoia, more depression and abetting the suicide itself, and the children , teaching them that crime is normal.
  • Last minute. Some years ago the spoken news for established bands summary of the news of the day today is no longer sufficient input apotheosis accompanied by a fanfare that LAST TIME, LAST MINUTE step to be said, to present the event of pain The children’s program or whatever, to comply with stops right information , regardless of the impact this cause.
  • It is not cheating, it’s the only way of doing business. “If we do not do the competition,” “It’s not a bribe, it is a custom”, “To survive and negotiate must presupuestarlo”, referring to bribery and commitment to allocate a business.
  • I fulfill pay their fair share by law , it’s their problem they do with their money. Most irresponsible position against the payment of wages , and more of the benefits and settlements. It seems that the one who thinks so does not care if the person is so wasted that can not handle the money , and thus a child population is affected, destroyed a home and the right conditions for growing criminal gangs are created.
  • Everyone lives as he pleases, I should not get involved. We are only sensible if up to us a painful situation, meanwhile I do not care, intervention and prevention is not a priority for anyone.
  • It is better to remain silent, because the problem is not mine. Les wins indifference and become accomplices, it is customary to witness the inadequacy and the silence of something that is returned tomorrow against who was mute witness of the event is saved, but meanwhile remain silent is better to look back and interests.

All these positions and excuses that are part of today’s culture, are showing the extent of social irresponsibility, so you are invited to consider the consequences and therefore assume one attitude to change , then follow so far can we to get? Why complain tomorrow if today sponsored a degrading culture and encourage unscrupulous disorder? Remember, you reap what you sow, and today we are having the worst but more abundant harvests.
As the above excuses no other lot, which only benefit the interests of those who promote or spoken.

Charity and Health

Holy Mary of Health: the image was made in the summer of 2011, the Cordovan sculptor, Antonio Bernal Redondo. On 8 October the same year was blessed by D. Francisco Carrasco Tables in the Parish Mary Mother of the Church of Jaén. Looking at the picture you can see both sides of Health. The hope and joy and sorrow and resignation.

Uniform Statutes:
Caperuz and leaden blue tunic, ivory coat, coat embroidered in gold and silver in the right shoulder girdle old gold, white gloves and black shoes.
Brief History:

In the month of October 2008, a group of young motivated by the Catholic and concern cofrade work around the pillars of education, charity, worship and spirituality and youth gather.Therefore steps are initiated to form a brotherhood, so that they could give public catechesis by example, formed as Christians and as brothers.

On December 3, 2008, after drafting a project and have the approval of D. Juan Francisco Martínez Rojas, dean of the Holy Cathedral, and José López Girl, Episcopal Delegate for Brotherhoods, is presented to the Pastoral Council of the Church of San Eufrasio, concluding with the admission of the group to the life of the parish. Since then, members of the Parish Group joined different groups of the parish, working with them until transfer to Parish.

After presenting the Group’s Pastoral Council of the Parish of San Eufrasio, the “Charity and Health” Group participated in a large number of activities, both of the parish as relating to the Group. These activities are contained in the reports signed by the pastor of Euphrasius, D. Juan Viedma, provided the Episcopal Delegate Brotherhoods.

In April 2010, the “Charity and Health” Group is certified, by the Bishopric, which is written in the book of Parish Groups-minded Brotherhood and renamed Parish Group “Jesus of Charity before Caiaphas, the Virgin of the Health and Euphrasius “. During the month of November 2010, the Association of Brotherhoods of the city of Jaén, admits the Parish Group “Charity Jesus before Caiaphas, Holy Mary of Health and Euphrasius” as a member of the Association of Guilds of so that their representatives can attend plenary sessions of the Association with voice but no vote.

In February 2011, the Parish Group “Charity and Health” moves to the Parish Mary Mother of the Church, following the approval of José López Girl, Episcopal Delegate Brotherhoods, D. Juan Viedma Medina, the board Parish pastoral Euphrasius, D. Eduardo Moya Calahorro and pastoral council of Mary Mother of the Church. Since his arrival at the new headquarters, the Group is integrated into the various parish groups, actively participating in its activities, in addition to organizing own activities in order to evangelize, bringing the message of Christ to all parishioners belonging to this parish ups.

On October 8, 2011 the titular image of Our Lady of Health was blessed, with the godfathers of blessing to the Brotherhood of the Holy Supper, Medical college of the city of Jaen and the College of Nursing in our town.

In the month of May 2012, namely the 12th, was canonically erected the Parish Group “Charity and Health” in Brotherhood.


Twinning with the Congregation of the Servants of Mary in the city of Jaén, whose patron is Ntra. Mrs. Health. Maintaining relationship that leads from the foundation of the group.

There is also a close link with the Brotherhood of the sacrament of Jaen, making patent sponsoring the image of Mary Health Day blessing.

Similarly, there is this correlation with kamagra health groups in the city of Jaén, being also the College of Physicians and the College of Nursing sponsors blessing of Our Lady of Health.

Column of books: “Acts of charity” César Aira

There are times when a book like delirium pdf draws attention from the very moment you take it as an object in his hands. That happens with the issue that Hueders performed acts of charity Cesar Aira, which is a small, delicate, mild book even in the sense of the first two meanings of the RAE, ie, light and Fino, light but not easy, but necessary, a pleasure to take and open, for a printed book, well printed, it is a pleasure to take, to bring in the portfolio and sticking out where that goes, that’s how I usually read.

Content, that is, the text is consistent with the object, since it is a fine, elegant account; both in prose and irony that displays. The narrator tells the story from a distance in tone, although he gets into the character’s mind, there is some clinical eye, but so clever that manages to give his narrative review and perspective. Thus we find the story: a priest arrives to take charge of a parish located in a very poor area and immediately faced with the dilemma of how to exercise charity. The narrator is clear: “first duty is to alleviate poverty in his flock through acts of charity” (9). With those words, conflict is exposed immediately, what constitutes an act of charity? If it helps the flock, the priest will gain heaven. But, think, poverty is not just because a priest perform works of charity and, besides, do not fall into pride priest who wants to earn heaven help the poor; there’s no selfishness that selflessness?That’s what keeps you awake so the priest decided instead to directly help his parishioners, concentrate on building a parsonage dream: his act of charity will be his successor (who was not even born) no vitiated by anything and, freed from the material, can focus on the poor.

The dream house becomes a colossal / monstrous architectural work, floors and underground, and small nooks immense rooms which monitors the priest as fulltime job. The description of each corner of the house and decorating their rooms they gain begins to unfold page by page, the reader is also embarking madness convinced that no personal desires to carry out a work of this magnitude himself .

The brash priest prints a sort of rage in the reader, though the narrative causes laughter, because the seriousness of its composition precisely the fun tone resides, although acid Text: “He knows justified in the depths of his conscience, but wonders if the world can not cross it off selfish … Selfish it! That everything’s done for other “(41). Text is acid not only in terms of what can be a criticism of the church and its social action but our own acts of charity: how many times a (o) becomes convinced that he is acting for the good of others when does something that benefits him personally; in fact, seems very human: seeking personal well saying that, in fact, we do for the other , another so ambiguous that we can never access it. I would say, finally, that nothing like reading a little book can shake.